How to get rid of papillomas at home? Proven ways

Papillomas on the skin that can be removed at home

Small moles spoil the appearance, but how to get rid of papillomas at home? Characteristic light seals often appear on the face or hands. You can remove such warts using proven methods that have been effectively used by our ancestors for centuries. Even today, such skin defects add unnecessary complexes and experiences.

There are many ways, both in traditional and folk medicine, to clean the skin of annoying tubercles. It will be possible to remove warts in any area, including delicate eyelids and ciliary areas.

How to get rid of papillomas at home? You can restore the structure of the skin by getting rid of the external manifestations of the virus, as well as reduce the likelihood of subsequent formations. Affordable and safe methods are easy to implement yourself. It will be necessary to monitor general health indicators, protecting yourself from adverse factors. But before you try to remove warts, you need to understand why they appear.

Small papillomas on the neck

The reasons

Such characteristic tissue changes are provoked by the papilloma virus. It is possible to become its carrier after sexual intercourse with an infected partner, and the usual handshake using some hygiene items are also common ways of infection. In public transport, holding onto the handrails cannot be 100% secure for complete safety. But it is not worth panicking, considering everyone a potential threat. It is impossible to protect yourself from the virus, the most important in this case are the immune properties of the body. Whether it will manifest itself in the form of warts, growths or not will depend on their indicators.

It is important to always consult a doctor, as some strains can be dangerous and start the processes of malignant tumors. You must also understand that this is not the removal of the source from the body, but only the removal of the external manifestations. To date, there is no single protocol for the treatment of this virus, immunomodulators may be recommended, but they do not affect the causative agent itself, but only increase the body's resistance.

It doesn't sound very optimistic, but you will have to live with this virus for the rest of your life. If you stick to the basics of a healthy way, then it will manifest itself and not bother you. It is reassuring to think that the majority of the entire population of the planet, including children, live long and happily with various strains of papillomas. Therefore, the search for new methods of treatment, enriching quacks, will only be a waste of time, nerves and finances.

There are many recipes to get rid of annoying formations. Some of them have been used for centuries, others not so long ago, but successfully practiced in folk medicine. It is important to strictly follow all recommendations to avoid burns to healthy tissue.

Celandine - medicinal plant for removing papillomas

yellow flowers

This plant has long been used to treat various skin diseases, the name itself speaks of its magical natural properties. Our ancestors used natural poison to remove warts, rashes, growths, but only knowledgeable people were allowed to collect weeds. Today, the following options can be distinguished for the removal of papillomas using celandines:

  • it is necessary to collect and process the grass only with rubber gloves, in case of respiratory disease the mask will not interfere;
  • with a huge number of papillomas, it is not worth treating everything at once, it is recommended to choose up to 6 pieces, conduct a monthly course, and then proceed to the next growths;
  • it is necessary to ensure that the juice or infusion does not fall on cuts or wounds;
  • do not forget to check before use for a possible allergic reaction, apply a little on the bend of the elbow and wait about 12 hours, if there is no burning, redness and itching, then you can safely use the medicine.

Essential oils

A very affordable and effective method is used for both children and adults. Unlike celandine, natural oils are used on the most sensitive areas of the skin, including the eyelids. It is only important to exclude the allergy factor, so it is mandatory to test the aromatic liquid. The most effective for removing warts are wormwood and tea tree oil. This home method helps with small formations, up to 1 cm in size, for larger ones a consultation with a dermatologist is necessary.

Wormwood oil relieves the symptoms of papilloma virus

Wormwood oil

It has excellent disinfecting and antiseptic properties, restores the skin, eliminating the manifestation of the virus. The active components of the oil are thujone and azulene, which help to restore the smoothness of the skin. It applies as follows:

  • put a few drops on a cotton pad and treat each wart regularly 2 times a day until the foot itself is exfoliated, you don't need to help it by pulling it, otherwise a scar will appear afterwards, which, like the wart, does not look like muchaesthetic;
  • it can also be used in the form of compresses and lotions, the essential oil will not harm healthy areas of the skin if it comes into contact, on the contrary, it is effectively used to treat burns;
  • It is recommended to use wormwood oil for a month, if the growths do not dry during this time, take a break for 3 weeks and then resume the procedures.

Tea tree oil

The king of natural antivirals is tea tree ether. Can be used on any part of the body, a safe natural product will quickly soothe and restore the skin. This aromatic liquid is used as follows:

  • wash your hands well with soap, apply a few drops of oil on the tips of your fingers, rub into the growths, not too intensively, so as not to accidentally damage;
  • repeat the procedure in the morning and evening, it is recommended not to use decorative cosmetics in this area afterwards, as well as to ensure free access of oxygen, so if the papillomas are located on the body, you cannot wear tight clothes made of synthetic materials;
  • The oil also increases immune properties, protects against viruses and infections, you can add a few drops to soap or use it to clean the room with an aroma lamp.
With the help of aloe, you can remove papillomas on the skin


This unpretentious plant is useful to grow in any home. Only a fresh cut is used, an important condition is the age - over 5 years. The treatment regimen is as follows:

  • carefully separate a fragment from the branch, attach to the papilloma and secure with a plaster;
  • you will need to keep it up to 4 hours, if used at night, you can bandage it for additional fixation;
  • it is recommended to repeat a simple procedure for 10 days.
Onion peel is suitable for preparing papilloma infusion


It is not the vegetable itself that is used, but its clothes, no less rich in active elements. It is necessary to collect a clean peel and pour it with apple or wine vinegar, knead it well to make a paste. Transfer to a dark glass jar and insist for a week. Use the finished liquid as follows:

  • you can make compresses by applying a moistened cotton pad directly to the papilloma, hold for about half an hour;
  • or lubricate with a cotton swab 2 times a day;
  • use for one month until the wart falls off.
Garlic can help remove growths caused by HPV


It is known for its antiseptic properties, easily copes with any growths. In order not to damage the skin with burning juice, it is better to use garlic cakes. They are used both on single formations, so it is convenient to impose them on entire populations. The preparation of a folk remedy is very simple:

  • Pass 2-3 cloves through a press or crush in a mortar, add a teaspoon of rye or oat flour, knead well into a cake;
  • apply to the problem area, it will take about 2 hours;
  • repeat daily for a month, making fresh medicinal dough each time.
Large papillomas should be removed by an experienced doctor

Traditional methods of struggle

You can remove small growths at home. If the papillomas are large, dark, red, black, with an uneven, loose surface, have an irregular shape, it is not recommended to remove them yourself. The following options are widespread in aesthetic medicine clinics:

  • burning with liquid nitrogen, one of the disadvantages of this method is the need to repeat the procedure, since it is impossible to control the depth of exposure, but unpleasant or painful sensations do not occur;
  • removal with salicylic acid can only be done by an experienced dermatologist, he makes sure that the composition does not leave inflammation and also does not lead to a change in the structure of cells;
  • surgical removal is used for papillomas larger than 3 cm, cut with a scalpel under local anesthesia, then a suture is applied and the material is sent for histological examination, after 2 weeks there is no trace of the wound;
  • for the electrocoagulation method, an electroknife is used, it is also performed under local anesthesia, after removal, pink skin is immediately formed, it is also used for delicate intervention in the area of the eyes and eyelashes, necessary, due to the possibility of avoiding rough tissue scars;
  • when using a laser, one procedure is enough, there are no unpleasant sensations, the closest areas of the skin are also not affected, after only a week there is no trace left at the site of the wart.

But, like home methods, removal methods carried out in a medical facility do not guarantee that warts will not reappear in the same area.

Black papilloma - a reason to consult a dermatologist


It is aimed only at increasing the immune properties of the body, it is impossible to eradicate the virus, there are only ways to prevent its manifestation. These are available methods that are useful and recommended at any age:

  • variety in nutrition, the menu should be based on fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, fish, seafood, dairy products;
  • during avitaminosis, as well as after colds, use mixtures of raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, honey according to Art. spoon per day for 2 months;
  • sleep at least 8 hours, avoid overwork;
  • do sports, lead an active lifestyle;
  • learn to control emotions;
  • use natural immunomodulators - decoction of wild rose, ginger, tincture of echinacea;
  • get rid of bad habits, once a week you can allow a few glasses of red wine.

With the formation of a small growth on the skin, you should not panic and invent terrible diseases. And how to get rid of papillomas at home? If it is a small wart that does not cause much discomfort, you can use folk remedies. But with dark, large growths, you should definitely contact a dermatologist.